SharePoint Conferences

Sorry if I have been a bit slack lately but hope to get back to some more posts soon.

In the meantime I have just been confirmed as speaking at the SharePoint Conferences in:

Sydney on 10 & 11 April 2013
Auckland on 16 & 17 April 2013

I will be presenting a couple of sessions on Information Visualisation so hope to see you there.


See below links to the presentations. Blog on Excel REST to follow soon.

SPC 2013 – Power View – Dave Paylor

SPC 2013 – Information Visualisation – Dave Paylor


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6 Responses to SharePoint Conferences

  1. Guang says:

    Hi Dave, where can I download the demonstration of your session “information Visualization – Excel Service”. thank you

    • paylord says:

      Hello there,

      You are too quick for me! I am presenting at the NZ SharePoint Conference this week so will try to blog the content next week.


      • Gareth says:

        Hi Dave,

        I am also very keen to see this. I was at the NZSPC and really enjoyed your presentation. I am hoping to explain the use of Power View in Excel 2013 to my team to see if I can get access to it asap!

        Your examples were great – is there any chance you could send me an example of the data visualisation in action so I can show them the slicers and play over time functions? Perhaps in a powerpoint as you demonstrated so that they understand how flexible this is.

        Thanks for the great presentation.
        Gareth Ewen

      • paylord says:

        Hello Gareth,

        Thanks for your comments and glad that you found it of interest. Unfortunately to get full interaction you would need access to the actual data. However, there are some You Tube videos which will hopefully give you something to show your colleagues? Mapping Bubble charts

  2. Gareth says:

    Thanks Dave. I downloaded the presentations but without any demo there is nothing to show anyone in my organisation that will mean anything. I have provided the links to these videos you mentioned – they are OK but not sure they do the tools justice.

    I was very disappointed that this is only available in the Professional Plus version. I got very excited about this being part of Excel 2013 and yet now I am not so sure that this will be part of our tool kit without getting the most expensive version!

    Thanks for the information.

    • paylord says:

      Hello Gareth

      Sorry I cannot give you access to the data but it is running on a virtual machine inside our company network that is only accessible through our VPN.

      There are many other videos available to show some of the Power View functionality though I have to agree that they do not replace seeing it for real.

      It is a shame that Power View is not available in all versions of Excel – but having said that, in 2010 you only got Power View from SQL Server and SharePoint in integrated mode – both needing enterprise licences – so the relative cost of Excel is a huge saving. Further, in reality, how many of your staff will be creating PowerPivot sources? Remember that once these are uploaded to SharePoint then anybody can use the SharePoint interface to create new Power View reports. Buying the Pro Plus licences for a limited number of analysts or Excel Power Users seems like value.


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